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You can find a range of telephony modem software, from phone dialer software, telemarketing dialers, call center software, web browser dialers, through to caller id software.

Our modem software is based around making your outbound telemarketing more efficient and easier to manage. Modem software is accessible to anyone no matter what the size of your company. On we have a range of telemarketing products that will enable you to find what you need.

Most programs have a free trial version, and prices start from only $49.95. Modem software showcased here works with modems or other TAPI-compliant hardware.

CallAssist is a modem based telemarketing call center auto dialer that allows you to quickly make a large number of outbound calls. It's ideal for small call centers or the telemarketer working by themself.

TeamMax is a Multi-user Call Center software. Ideal for groups of telemarketers working in team.

Why Use Acarda Sales Technologies?
Great modem software, value for money, and excellent support.

What people are saying about our modem software products:

"CallAssist has to be the best value for telephone sales reps that I've ever seen. The ability to customize fields for our application was a big help, and the ability to export call reports … Most importantly, the number of calls per-rep increased from about 70 a day to nearly 200 for my best reps. GREAT JOB!"

James G, Winter Garden, FL., USA

"CallAssist is working great! Having great results."
Perry C.

"The TeamMax software is excellent for telemarketing. It is completely customizeable through the menus to apply to a companies individual needs.

It allows our telemarketers to continue to call out even with the governments intervention in my business through creation of a 'Do Not Call' registry. The TeamMax automatically weeds out those who we cannot call, and even allows us the opportunity to check any number against the 'Do Not Call' list manually at the click of a button. ...

I have referred other distributors of our companies products, to Acarda, with no reservations or uneasiness whatsoever."
Steven S., CA, USA.

"I am a big fan of your product, and one of the reasons is the excellent customer support. Keep up the good work!"
-Peter T.

"I have used competing products but none of them have the functionality and reporting features like Acarda. Besides being a superior product, the Acarda staff is very helpful and responsive."
- Stan M.


CallAssist is a telemarketing dialer to assist you with outbound telemarketing.

TeamMax is a multi user call center specifically designed for outbound calling.

phone dialer
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